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    About us

   One of the cores and mainstreams of activity of our company is representation and realization in the Azerbaijan market production of American firm DAYCO.
     DAYCO - one of worlwide leaders-manufacturer of belts on various kinds of the drives applied in various types of the equipment, both on transport, and in the industry. Belts DAYCO answer high operational properties, have the big term of deterioration in heavy and aggressive operating conditions. DAYCO is the leader in development and manufacture of automobile systems of transfer of energy. Each automobile belt DAYCO is a result of long-term researches, experiments, tests, tests of raw material and the selected components. Belts DAYCO do not repeat others. It is the original production developed in strict conformity with requirements of leading motor-car manufacturers. For this reason belts DAYCO are delivered on plants of AUDI, FORD, OPEL, MERCEDES, CRYSLER, FIAT, LANCIA, FERRAFI, MASERATI, SAAB, JAGUAR, ROVER, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, TALBOT, GENERAL MOTORS. The company has established system which provides quality for its all products. This system is based on principles of maintenance of the quality, recognized all over the world, specially developed for conformity to the international quality standards ISO 9000 as the special standards accepted in motor industry are applied, such as QS 9000, VDA 6, EAQF, AVSQ and RG 2000. Recently the company has undertaken huge efforts and has received certificate ISO 14001 which speaks about the "pure" manufacture which is not influencing an environment. Other direction is work in the field of hydraulic hoses. Available the big assortment of hoses of high and low pressure (R1, R2, R3, R6, R7, R8, R9). Available the special equipment for manufacturing hoses of any sizes and any type.
     Also we represent production of German firm MAPCO in the Azerbaijan market. MAPCO - the company on manufacture of spare parts on vehicles: (Pneumosuspension brackets, brake systems, filters, hydraulic system, fuel system).
    One more of directions of our activity is realization of production of Japanese firm TOYO. Autotire covers TOYO differs high wear resistance and especial softness to keeping of the car on a road cloth in any weather. During more, than fifty years TOYO were the world leader in development of high technology in designing and manufacture of trunks. And as the fifth on size the manufacturer of trunks in the world, TOYO has excellent reputation on manufacture of high-quality trunks for a competitive price. For today we have the big assortment of spare parts and we are engaged delivery of necessary units and units for supersize vehicles and technics of special purpose.
    Alongside with delivery of spare parts as we make maintenance service of technics of special purpose (cranes, graders, auto-loaders, bulldozers, a tractor, etc.). Also we have greater service base with all technical equipment. In our specialized shop, it is possible to see available goods (bearings, omentums, belts, oils, the filter, a wheel for supersize machines, etc.).
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